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Established in 1975 as a plant and flower retailer, The Oleander Group has consistently expanded & flourished into the high end floral & landscaping related market. With the unmatched quality in both products & services, Oleander has diversified in both internal & external aspects of floral & landscape design. In 1978 The Oleander Group also established the first fully equipped pet store within the Emirate & the country. As pioneers in the national market, both Oleander Flowers and Animal World is unmatched in quality, service & diversity.

Oleander Flowers

Oleander flower shop is our first and oldest establishment that began in 1975 at a time when Dubai and the UAE was still developing into the metropolis it is today. Being the first high end retailer of its type that provided floral products and landscaping from Europe within the UAE, Oleander flower shop is known for its quality, service and diversity both in products and services.

As Dubai and the UAE developed, so did Oleander, in the short time period of almost 40 years Oleander has grown both in size and its range of products & services. Today Oleander Flower Shop is widely spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Holding customer value and quality as our primary concerns, we use two of the nation's most vibrant Emirates as a hub to provide our services across the nation.

Products & services range from:

  • Local delivery anywhere within the UAE & international (Interflora ) flower delivery
  • Complete floral design & supply for all occasions & events
  • Internal landscape design, installation & maintenance
  • External landscape design, installation &maintenance
  • Irrigation design, installation & maintenance
  • Design & construction of water gardens, ponds & waterfalls

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Landscaping Solutions

Oleander Group prides itself in the precise design & quality of its landscaping projects, the experience gained over many years has made us one of the most experienced within the field. Our customers also benefit from the quality of our work, not only do they get the precise design that they envisioned but our designs also add value to the property as a whole.

Landscape design involves much more than placing trees, shrubs and other plants on the property. It is an art, one we have perfected over the course of 35 years. We deal with the arrangement & organization of outdoor areas in order to utilize them in the best possible manner, each of our projects are executed with the same professional method & finishing as we have over the decades.

Whether the plans are simple or elaborate, we can design and create a landscaping solution tailored to suite your exact requirements.

We design and provide complete solutions for your landscaping needs, such as:

  • Hardscaping & Softscaping
  • Lighting
  • Woodwork & Water Features
  • Trees, Shrubs, Ground covers & Seasonal Flowers
  • Automatic Irrigation

Oleander nursery has been operating for almost 40 years in Dubai & continuously strives to introduce new plant species that have the capability to thrive in the region. Oleander Nursery stocks & provides for almost everything a Landscaper/gardener in the U.A.E would wish for.

We provide all your Landscaping requirements from exotic to standard tested species of palms, trees, shrubs, seasonal flowers & pots. We have an experienced team of Horticulturists who use the latest & most efficient techniques for propagation and acclimatization of imported plants.

We have an extensive stock of Palms, trees, shrubs and seasonal plants along with many more plants for your landscaping needs.

Animal World

Established in 1978 as Oleander Group's second establishment, Animal World was the pioneer in pets, pet products & related services within the UAE. Being the first pet & pet product supplier of its kind within the nation, Animal World quickly gained an excellent reputation in providing a wide range of the finest domestic pets & products to customers within the UAE. With over 30 years of experience and growth, Animal World prides itself in offering nothing but the best quality to its customers; it offers an unmatched level of pre-purchase assistance & services. Steadily expanding within Dubai, Animal World is fully equipped to provide you with all your pet & pet product needs.

Products & services range from:

  • Wide range of domestic dogs & cats (custom orders available)
  • Wide range of Rodents - Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc.
  • Ornamental birds & exotic parrots
  • Fresh water ornamental & exotic fish
  • Wide range of reptiles & amphibians - snakes, frogs, lizards etc
  • Wide range of dog & cat accessories
  • Top quality pet food catering to all animals sold in store
  • On site professional advice on pet selection
  • On site professional advice on the daily upkeep requirements for pets
  • Wish list for pets ensuring first refusal when the chosen species is in stock

News & Events

"Oleander Flower shop has outlets in Mercato Mall and Dubai Marina Mall. Now you can satisfy all of your floral needs in Dubai's most famous shopping malls. You can expect all of your favorite Oleander products ranging from small to large bouquets both custom made and pre-designed, indoor plants and flowers along with a variety of exquisite containers and vases and much more."

Latest News

"Merry Christmas! The festive season is here and Oleander Flower Shop has spared no expense in making sure that you and your loved ones have a beautiful and memorable Christmas. We have been making your Christmas traditional and unforgettable for over 35 years. Don't forget to come down to our Jumierah branch to have a look at our Christmas trees and poinsettias along with a variety of other festive products!"

The Festive Season


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